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Sajj Street Eats (Menlo Park)
Sajj Street Eats (Menlo Park)
883 Hamilton Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Starts accepting orders Monday at 11:00 AM

Sajj Street Eats (Menlo Park)

883 Hamilton Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025

So you think you love Mediterranean food, do you? Well, once you experience a fantastically delicious, authentic, custom-made meal at Sajj, your love will grow into a grand passion. Here at Sajj you will discover fresh, authentic ingredients to make meals you’ve like never tasted before. We take great pride in sharing these unusual and delectable flavors with our customers. What's more, we let you choose from all of our meat, falafel, bread, veggie and sauce options to design your own perfect wrap, bowl or salad.

Come to Sajj for a traditional meal or something totally catered to your own preferences. Our sparkling clean, well-designed, modern interior is the perfect place to experience Mediterranean food at its very best and most exciting.

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The first step in creating your meal is to choose your meat or falafel. Our falafel is crispy, flavorful and totally vegan and gluten-free. Our meats are all tender and freshly carved. Next, choose whether you want it in a wrap, pita, rice bowl or salad. Now comes the fun part: Deciding which of our twenty complimentary sauces and toppings you'd like try. We have all your favorites, like tahini, tomatoes, lettuce and Kalamata olives, but if you want to branch out, try peri-peri – a tiny, citrusy pepper – sumac onion, pickled turnip or cilantro mint chutney. You're sure to find new favorites and fabulous combinations.

Last of all, pick a side dish. You might enjoy our fatoush salad, which is made from chopped veggies tossed with crispy pita pieces, or our classic hummus, Mediterranean bean salad, tabbouleh, or any of our other great salads or dips. Customers rave over our mint lemonade, so be sure to try some!

Oh, and our meals are all super-healthy, with lots of vegetarian and gluten-free options and posted calorie counts. Keep your eyes open for our wandering food truck. You never know when a craving will hit!

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